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A buddy of mine asked me to borrow a violin that I have packed away – I took it out and Abe, who is four, first wanted to know what it was, then he wanted to play it, then he wanted to use it as a club – I would be the bad guy and he would beat me with it – I got it away from him at that point and suggested that he use a Rogue ukulele that I bought for $15…

I have this thing about stringed instruments. I want to buy a bunch. I keep trying to convince Tonya, my wife, that it’s not a real addiction because I’m not spending big money on these things. I’ve never owned a Taylor or even a GibsonYamaha, Dean, Seagull…those have been my brands. I even owned a Hohner ELECTRIC GUITAR once (never knew they made them, did you?).

So, in the past year and a half, I’ve bought an Electric guitar, a banjo, a jumbo acoustic and two ukuleles. Additionally, I have another acoustic, a twelve string, another electric, a mandolin and a violin…

I guess it’s no surprise that I can spare an instrument now and again for Abe to use as a club or for Gus to beat on like a drum (oh, I have a few of those, too) – that, by the way, is my other excuse…’The kids might pick them up.’ True, they might pick them up and throw them across the room, but there is a small piece of me that imagines Gus , Abe or Isabel as famous musicians one day. The interviewer asks, “How did you get your start?” The answer? “My Dad had instruments lying all over the house, one day I just picked one up…”

So, if you’re even slightly inclined, I say buy an instrument! I’ve been loving Epiphones lately. My new jumbo accoustic is a EJ200CE , and my new electric is a Epiphone Dot . I love to play them, the kids love to beat on them…what more can you ask for?


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