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I remember when I got my first AC/DC album – I was 12, it was “Back in Black.” My older sister’s bad-boy, motorcycle driving boyfriend gave it to me for Christmas (he must have been moved by the season). You probably remember the first song, “Hell’s Bells;” it starts with that ominous bell and then the really cool guitar riff – here it is, in case you forgot –hells-bells.mp3. I have to be honest, here, even after 27 years, it’s really good! It has it all – Angus and that riff, a great build-up, some serious drumming and Brian Johnson’s singing – it rocked, I can’t play it for my kids, though, it would scare them – bad.

So, as I dusted off my old cassettes, I started to ask, how can I give this stuff to my kids…? Take “You Shook Me All Night Long,” ouch – we all know what that song’s about, our five year olds don’t…”Shoot to Thrill,” no way, “Have a Drink on Me,” uh-uh, “What Do You Do for Money, Honey?”… yeah, no. In spite of Angus and the boy’s intentions, though, I hear potential for kids here…

“Shake a Leg,” “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution,” a few more, I’m sure – rework them and before you know it, you have a set list for a kids’s show…almost.

Stay tuned – I’ll throw up a couple of AC/DC numbers redone for the kids in the next day or two –



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  1. I like it!!!! My daycare will love it!!!

    Can’t wait to hear them!!!

  2. Have you checked out Rockabye Baby? They do lullaby renditions of rock bands of of them being AC/DC. They also have Metallica, Nirvana, Rolling Stones to name a few.

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