Rockin’ the Walk

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Last year and in year’s past we have had the privilege of playing at the Walk Now for Autism Walk here in NH. It’s a great event – fun to play and full of excited and enthusiastic people. Last year it was at Greely Park in Nashua – we arrived in a soaking rain – but somehow, no one seemed too upset about it. I asked Susan, the Co-Chair of the event if she still wanted us to play – she said, “If you guys are up for it, we sure are!” We got our cars as close to the stage as we could and ran our equipment in – people were using the stage as shelter, so it was a bit crowded. The walk was set to start in 10 minutes…then 5 and the rain kept coming. People were zipping up their rain coats and tightening their boots, not daunted. Suddenly, just one or two minutes before the walk was to start, the rain stopped. The clouds parted, and a little sun peeked through. It seemed miraculous, almost unreal, but definitely fitting the optimism of the day.

walk-04-1.jpg p-fest.jpg
Rockin’ the Walk in Year’s Past

Autism Speaks is a great organization. In 2006 alone, they funded $20 million worth research; through their Baby Siblings Project, they’ve pushed diagnosis (and early treatment) of autism to as early as 24 or even 18 months; they began The Autism Tissue Program (ATP), making over 60 research projects possible since 1998; they’ve funded researchers at Yale University… the list goes on. (Check out the website – .)

Their walks, which take place all over the U.S., are where the rubber hits the road (literally). They are where regular folks earn money to fund these astounding projects. People know they are doing something great, which is why, on that very rainy day in September, no one was awfully concerned about the rain. What they were doing was a little like the weather, miraculous, and we were happy to be a part of it.

We have some inside information (you heard it here first) that this year’s walk is scheduled for October 5, at Greely Park in Nashua. We’ll be there – hope you are too!



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