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I love the snow as much as the next guy, I just want to say that at the outset. I know that for those of you outside of what I have come to call “the inverse global warming belt,” it may be hard to imagine three feet of snow on the ground in late March (yes, I did say THREE FEET and meant it). Furthermore, it might be impossible for you to imagine the the despair of having a foot of snow fall on you AGAIN. See, we’ve had over 10 feet fall on us since November, so we’re approaching six months of being covered in ice and frost – AND WE DON”T LIVE IN GREENLAND – but sure enough it hit yesterday.   The late season storm that started with predictions of 1-2 inches, became 7-8 inches (predicted) and then became 12-13 in reality…

Let me tell you how we spent our Easter. We have a very nice little ski area about 10 minutes down the road. It’s amazing to be able to jump into the car and be on the slope within 20 minutes. Well, that’s exactly what we did on Easter. No white shoes, no Easter bonnets, just Rossignol boots and Head skis strapped to our feet. The thing is, daffodils couldn’t peak their delicate little heads out to say hello to the spring on a lovely Easter morn because they are buried beneath (did I mention?) 3 feet of snow…so we made the best of it and hit the slopes.

Easter on the Slopes…

I love skiing, especially with my kids – there is nothing quite like seeing them become coordinated and realize how all the moving parts work together to get them down the slope – often more gracefully than I could ever hope to be. BUT, enough already.

So, consider this my sun dance of sorts, my plea to the gods who control these things to fire up the furnaces and warm up our little corner of New England – we know that under all that snow the daffodils are waiting to give us a proper spring.


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  1. I hope your snow is now melting as ours seems to be. I, for one, would be just as happy to never see any of it again! Man, am I living in the wrong state! Hope all is well.

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