An Online Tuner worth Tuning Into or “In Perfect Harmony…”

May 27, 2008 at 5:30 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

There are those times when you are on the internet and you think, “This is the perfect use of this medium…” One of those times was when I discovered “just,” an online string retailer based out of NH. They sell only strings (surprise, surprise), so their overhead is cheap (a relatively small warehouse), they buy in bulk, and shipping is negligible, so *PRESTO* anyone in the world (with access to the internet) can have cheap strings! You can find them here: (and I promise, I don’t own stock in the company).

There is the pesky little issue of keeping those strings in tune once you’ve got them – which brings me to my latest discovery – ‘Get’ (

I’ve been working on my ukulele skills – love the instrument, but, man, does it go out of tune a lot.

I know the uke is tuned to “My Dog Has Fleas,” but it’s hard to figure that one out when your sitting at the fretboard (at least for me). So THANKS Get – not sure how you win in all of this, other than the satisfaction of knowing that more people in the world will be in tune, but sometimes, I guess that’s enough:

(I don’t own stock in Coke, either – just like the song!)


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