Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – The 3rd Variation (and yet another free MP3)

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Twinke Reggae Instrumental.mp3

I will admit, I have nothing on Mozart – but he was working with a clavichord and a massive genius…all I have is my bright yellow epiphone ej200ce, my 10 year old casio keyboard and my Korg CR-4 (which may be a collectors item – even KORG is calling it “OBSOLETE”).

Yes, Mozart's is (by far) the brighter of the two...

But, I’ll set my dim little star twinkling next to his massive one with the 3rd variation on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (or should I say Ah vous dirai-je mama?). This, for your listening enjoyment, is a reggae instrumental!

Stay tuned for a Tiny Tim Tribute/Ukulele version!

To read about the history of this song go here.


Dianey Does It Again…Chicken Little, Where’s Your Mom??? Oh, and a review of Disney’s Chicken Little…

November 9, 2008 at 7:09 am | Posted in Reviews | 2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, a well meaning aunt sent my kids the DVD of “Chicken Little” – Walt Disney’s misguided 2005 attempt to compete with Pixar. I’ve learned over the years to preview any Disney flicks before showing them to the kids – plus I’m still a geek and a sucker for good animation. So one evening I sat down to watch and (surprise, surprise) in Disney’s version of the this fable, Chicken Little’s mom is dead. She was killed by Disney’s long-standing neurosis. (I have no doubt that Disney’s fear of Mom’s is listed in the latest DSM – a personality disorder of some sort).

My mom is gone!  Disney took her!

"My mom is gone! Disney took her!"

I first wrote about Disney’s seeming hatred of Mom’s here (Granted, Chicken Little was already on screen but he wasn’t in my world…), and Chicken Little is another feather in Disney’s ‘gratuitous offing of mom’ cap.

Here’s the thing: When my kids watch Bambi, I routinely skip the scene where mom is killed. Guess what? The kids don’t notice. Even more importantly, I (as an adult who has watched a lot of films), don’t think it really affects the plot. Seriously, Bambi could have just grown up and left home.

Back to Chicken Little. Mom is dead because…? There are a couple of lines about “Your mom knew how to deal with this sort of thing much better…,” But as Bambi showed us, Mom could have lived and the same drama would have existed.

Is anyone out there who works for Disney (or Dreamworks)? If you read this, tell me (please), is there some sort of clause in the contract that states that you have to knock off mom at the first possible opportunity? (It’s a real question…comment!)

Anyway (let’s pretend I don’t have a serious issue with Walt’s neurosis), the film stinks – bad. Everything in the film stinks, the cloying characters, the sorry attempt at humor (it’s as if they watched Shrek and couldn’t pull it off…), the gratuitous violence, the convoluted and confused plot, and the too-good animation (I get it, guys, you can make really cool computer-generated animation…neat).

Let me put it this way, if you’re someone who slows down on the interstate to see all the horrific details of a car wreck, watch this film…it’s that bad. Thanks, Disney, for another classic!

The Upside Down World of Parenting – Daylight Savings and the Elusive “Extra Hour”

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I won’t hazard a guess on percentages, but I think it’s safe to say that most people celebrate the fall back in Fall thing. Here we are, about to turn our clocks back, which means an extra hour of sleep on the morning…ENTER THREE YEAR OLD…

Here’s the thing, when you’re three, like my son, you don’t really pay attention to clocks. What’s more, you’re not really interested in an extra hour of sleep. You are, in fact, interested in an hour LESS of sleep…”I NOT go to bed,” he says every night as we walk up the steps. Which brings me to tonight. This is the night that MOST people look forward to because they get an extra hour. For my wife or me (depending on who loses the coin toss), we look forward to (psychologically, at least) an hour less of sleep…he’ll wake up at HIS 6:00am, which will be 5:00am for us (having turned the clock back and all…).

I will say that this upside down/backward thing goes both ways. On the downside, you lose an occasional hour of sleep (ok, you lose ALOT of sleep), but you also do a whole lot of other things you’d never have imagined. You hang REALLY bad art on your office wall, for example. (Or should I say, MOST people do… I ACTUALLY believe that my 5 and 7 year olds are budding artists – my 7 year old is drawing in perspective!) You start to feel affection for astoundingly irritating characters like Elmo and Barney simply because they are reliably harmless. And everything you consider unthinkable before having kids – changing a poop filled diaper, caring for a sick child all night, changing a peed on sheet at 2am, cleaning up vomit, wiping a kid’s nose for the 10th time in an hour- all of it becomes do-able – your hesitation swallowed up by your concern for the kid.

In short, you plumb the depths of your emotions – all of them. You have never felt more in love, proud, amused, confused, bemused, defensive, frustrated or happy. You are, in effect, more alive (for more hours) than you ever were before.

Enjoy your extra hour tonight, if you’re one of the majority who gets it…but think of me. I’ll be up at 5:00am making the kids’ breakfast and looking at their amazing drawings…

In honor of the time change, here’s a link worth checking out: THE CORRECT TIME. I guess cell phones have have made trying to find out the correct time obsolete, but, if you need it, it’s there.

p.s. I do know that I haven’t written for awhile. I have a lot of updates to write about – my niece’s song, Disney and moms, twinkle-twinkle, reggae, my epiphone guitar and so much more….stay tuned updates in a day or two.

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